Integrity and the Truth Always Prevail – Our Stories of Strength EDS Anthology Final Status Update

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Integrity and the Truth Always Prevail – Our Stories of Strength EDS Anthology Final Status Update

***Original post shared publicly February 24th, 2016 via Facebook, along with pictures and business documents supporting the truth.***

“For those of my friends and family who liked my previous Our Stories of Strength page or the two other Facebook pages associated with the EDS anthology that was published, I’ve not been involved in any of the three pages since early September.

Despite owning the LLC (and pay 99% of all business expenses), both Our Stories of Strength trademarks, the copyright for the EDS Anthology, Facebook continues to allow this nonsense to go on. I’ve sent letters, had a trademark attorney send a message, and have reported various posts because they contain my personal content & pictures of my children.

I’ve stated that I will not post about the drama of this situation on Facebook – it’s not my style. However, I will state that anyone who would like to continue to support me and the work I do, please report the various images and posts that are clearly mine.

Additionally, my children do not need to be involved in this AT ALL. Pictures and videos of my children are NOT business property. The only reason that someone else would not remove them in order to protect the privacy of a child, is only for the purpose of bribery, blackmail or extortion.

The fact that Facebook allows this, is a huge violation of trademark and copyright. It’s also completely wrong, distasteful and unprofessional.

As far as the statement posted on the Our Stories of Strength FB page, content that is written for mutually agreed upon business purposes is not a violation of personal copyright. On the other hand, if the business, copyright, and trademark owner has wrongfully been removed from another business platform by someone else without permission, and then this person continues to utilize business & personal contents unless the business owner concedes to bullying, blackmail, extortion attempts (for $30k), and defamation attempts (i.e. pictures of the business owner’s children and his/her personal excerpts from a story submission), such behavior is more than copyright and trademark violation, it’s criminal.

Selling books on eBay is also illegal, not to mention doing so without the other co-author’s name. Sadly, it seems that I’m not the only one who’s been wrapped into attempted scams by someone who is not who they say that they are. There was someone before me and it appears that there’s been additional people after me; hence, the only reason why a someone’s website(s) would be reported as “phishing.”

You can also unlike the original pages. Again, I have nothing to do with these pages and they are infringing on trademarks and copyright that I own. Our Stories of Strength will continue in some manner, because I believe in its original mission – a right that I have and one that’s been validated by several business lawyers, who have all provided counsel after reviewing the facts and proof to support them.

Unfortunately, it’s clear that the Our Stories of Strength pages and all the people who have “liked” the pages, including my friends and family, are being used as a platform to launch someone else’s personal agenda, not to mention continue attempts to defame and spread misinformation.

I’m more than disgusted and hate that I have to post about this again on Facebook.

For those who would like to still support the original book, FB made a default page. It’s here:

And my page that was started based on original mission of Our Stories of Strength is: Invisible Strength – Stronger 2 Gether”

Business Legal & PR Statement (shared publicly on October 27th, 2015) – discusses current & future availability of Our Stories of Strength – Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome‘ and other critical business and community-related updates.